2021-2023 Strategic Plan

As the world has changed over the past two years, so must the Council. We have the opportunity to chart a new way forward – to build on the Council’s 90-year legacy, while also adapting to changing circumstances and a redefinition of the world we want to create. In our 2021-23 Strategic Plan, we’re excited to now turn toward the hard work of making our vision a reality.


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Mission and Vision

MISSION: Convene and connect people around global issues to build a thriving, competitive, and inclusive Pittsburgh.

VISION: A globally minded and globally connected world that is equitable and just for all.


2021–2023 Goals

  1. 1. Develop locally relevant, world-class programs that reach Pittsburghers of diverse backgrounds.
  2. 2. Become a globally recognized leader in the global learning space.
  3. 3. Ensure the Council’s sustainability.


Learn more about how we’re bringing our vision to life in our theory of change.