december 2021

5 Unique Series

The Council has launched five unique series of programming, including webinars, panel discussions, and forums aimed to engage everyone from students and community members to business leaders. Each series features discussion on core global issues and an opportunity to hear, explore, and understand multiple perspectives.

Human Rights

Events surrounding the human rights successes, violations, and issues most important to our time. This series touches on both national and international stories and topics that focus on relevant human rights conversations happening around the world.


As the world continues to urbanize and the climate crisis continues to impact our environment, cities, countries, and international systems are struggling to keep up. This effort has led to the emergence of the “Resilience Index,” data points which measure our institutional resilience. This series explores how local, national, and international governments and individuals are working to increase their resiliency through health, business, and climate innovation.

Governance &

Governments and organizations within civil society work individually and together to improve the lives of individuals within their purviews at home and around the world. This series focuses on the ways these sectors are succeeding and struggling to meet the needs of people in modern society.


Migration and immigration have been a fixture of human life since our inception, and today more people than ever live in a country other than the one in which they were born. This series focuses on the issues and stories of migrants, immigrants, and refugees’ experiences around the world.


Young people represent 16% of the global population, yet youth voice is traditionally underrepresented in government and civil society. As a result, the needs of future generations are often left unheard and unmet. This series focuses on the issues and conversations most important to the younger generation through youth led and youth designed events.

Virtual Programming

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted our profound connections through humanity while reminding us of the persistent injustices that continue to live in our world and in Pittsburgh. Following the Council’s established tradition in presenting innovative programs and activities on global issues, we are launching virtual events to be a platform for diverse audiences and speakers to come together and build stronger, more resilient connections that transcend all communities so that as we move forward, we will be stronger together.