Applications For The Inaugural Cohort Of Our Global Citizens Fellowship Are Open!


The Global Citizens Fellowship program is designed for leaders from all backgrounds–no matter where you are in your understanding of global issues. Whether you already consider yourself a global citizen or are not yet sure what that means, through the deliberate, intensive, and immersive experiences that define our curriculum, you will walk away with new skills, knowledge, and insight into the global economy, civil society, and foreign policy implications shaping Pittsburgh today. 


Over the past year, our team has been working with partners across the U.S. to create a unique curriculum that takes the professional development strengths of leadership programs and infuses them with experiences and training that will make understanding critical global issues accessible and relevant to you and the places where you lead – at your workplace or in your community. 


Our region, institutions, and leaders need to understand the intersection between Pittsburgh and the world. And, if employers want to hire and retain the brightest minds, they need to invest in building global minds. This is fundamental to becoming a thriving, competitive, and inclusive place. You and your organization will be stronger for it.


Learn more about our Global Citizens Fellowship program below, and click here to access the application for this immersive, interactive learning opportunity.


About the Global Citizens Fellowship


Who? The inaugural cohort of our Global Citizens Fellowship is open to women leaders who are looking to expand their knowledge of issues like climate impact, global migration, and artificial intelligence, and who want to connect with a globally-minded community here in Pittsburgh. Whether you are in a c-suite role or act as a community leader, have a deep understanding of global perspectives or are looking to better connect with the global community here in Pittsburgh – we look forward to seeing a wide range of women leaders across generations, cultures, race, and identity.


  1. – Why women? Data shows that, on average, women invest a higher proportion of their earnings in their families and communities than men; lifting up one woman or girl means lifting up her entire community. By focusing our inaugural cohort on supporting women leaders, we will amplify economic and community impact across the Pittsburgh region.


What? Through this 7-month multidisciplinary program, leaders from Pittsburgh across various sectors will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of global perspectives, forge meaningful connections, and embark on a journey of transformative leadership. 


Our multidisciplinary programming will feature talks by subject matter experts, neighborhood tours, culturally immersive experiences, trainings and workshops, and invaluable mentorship opportunities. 


What will you gain by participating in this program?


  • – Knowledge of timely global issues – both challenges and solutions – that impact economic and community development in Pittsburgh and around the world. Topics will include climate impact, women and girls, global migration, advocacy, social justice and equity, mis/disinformation, artificial intelligence, and global arts.
  • – Training and understanding on what it will take for Pittsburgh to become a global city. The program will be rooted in a skills- and knowledge-building curriculum that trains leaders on the scales of cultural competency and provides understanding. 
  • – Culturally immersive sessions and experiential learning through which leaders will grow their regional networks, forge global ties, build partnerships, and embrace new and unexpected connections. 
  • – 1:1 mentorship and long-lasting support by pairing leaders with executives who embody global mindedness in daily life – from their organization’s boardroom to community spaces.
  • – DEI and wellness trainings by Ciera Young, a leader in DEI who has facilitated workshops for organizations ranging from small nonprofits to Fortune 100 companies.


The program will culminate in an enriching international travel experience as a cohort.


When? Applications are due by March 15, 2024. We’ll make our selections by the end of March and kick off in April. The program runs 7 months, April–November 2024, with a culminating international trip to bring to life the global issues and opportunities the Fellows will have been grappling with throughout the program. 


Why? Expanding our awareness of global issues means expanding our opportunities to create global solutions. This program will connect the dots in cross-cultural communication and broad strategic thinking, bringing opportunity to our region with real economic impact. What we do at home matters on a global scale, and operating with that knowledge is the springboard to creating larger-scale opportunities and meaningful growth for our city. The Global Citizens Fellowship will help harness and direct the talents and energies of our cohorts to enhance our region through targeted training and positive positioning of Pittsburgh industries, individuals, and cultural and social efforts – all while benefiting the greater good.


What is your Fellowship commitment? 


Financial Commitment:

  • – Program cost ranges up to $7,500, which includes an international immersive cohort experience and all local accommodations throughout the Fellowship such as meals and trainings (parking and local travel is not covered). The total fee will vary depending on your sponsoring organization’s budget and barriers to participate. Limited scholarships are available.



  • – In-person attendance at all full or half-day sessions, located across Pittsburgh approximately 1-3 days per month.
  • – Ability to dedicate 10-20 hours each month for the duration of the program between the April kickoff through November 2024. This includes primarily weekday work hours with occasional weekend events. 
  • – Commitment from your supervisor/sponsoring organization is essential, unless you are Senior Leadership without a senior report, do not require board leadership approval, or are the owner of your organization or business.



  • Multi-day international trip (Nov 2024) is integral and part of the total program fee.



  • – We will kick off April 18th with a multi-day gathering that will include immersive experiences and grounding activities to begin to build community across the cohort and dive into the complex economic, societal, and policy decisions that directly impact organizations of all sizes, across all sectors, right here in Pittsburgh.  
  • – Active participation in all trainings, workshops, cohort communication, and activities (e.g., mentor meetings, virtual meetings, cohort breakout group assignments).
  • – Opportunities to participate in additional enrichment and immersive Pittsburgh events happening during the Fellowship with an international changemaker focus.
  • – Willingness to stretch beyond your comfort zone and challenge your perceptions about the world with your deepest level of professionalism and authenticity.
  • – Curiosity and openness to learn, including through trainings on global issues and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.


Deadline to submit your application is Friday, March 15, 2024 by 11:59PM. Please know that space is limited. Notifications of the status of your application will be sent by the end of March. 


Click here to apply!


We encourage you to use the linked form to submit your application. However, if you are unable to access Google Forms for any reason, click here to download a fillable PDF version of the application. Once completed, please email the PDF to Submitting your application as a PDF will not impact your chances of being accepted.


If you have any questions or issues with the form, please email