Illuminate Awards Nominations

The World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh is accepting nominations for our third annual Illuminate Awards, presented by the David Glick Memorial Fund.


This award recognizes leaders in our community who represent our values of global mindedness, global learning, and global leadership in their lives and work. 


We invite you to nominate Pittsburghers you know who are making a local impact and are creating pathways for a more globally connected region and world. 


We strongly encourage nominations of people from diverse lived experiences, cultures, and identities.


Nominees must reside in the Pittsburgh region. To align with our value of working in partnership with others, we encourage you to nominate others and will not accept self-nominations.


 We’re seeking nominations in four categories:

  1. 1. Business leader: A leader in the for-profit sector who exceeds the expectations of their role to champion global connectedness in their industry. 
  2. 2. Community leader: A member of the community in the nonprofit or public sector who has made notable contributions to building a more global region.  
  3. 3. Educator: Any adult who works in a professional or volunteer capacity to support the education of young people.
  4. 4. Youth: A high school student in the Pittsburgh region and/or within the Global Minds chapter network.


Nominations are due by Friday, August 2nd. Finalists will be selected by a committee of local leaders. Awardees will be honored at an in-person celebration during our third annual Soiree on October 4, 2024.


A detailed, thoughtful response is required. We suggest you write short-answer responses in a separate document, and then copy and paste into the form to maintain formatting. Forms must be completed in full to be considered. 


If you have any questions, please contact


Nominee Information

How the nominee would like others to refer to them, if you know. For example: he/him, she/her, they/them
Nominee Award Category(Required)
Please choose only one category.
EX: "Nominee falls under the business leader category because they are a local business owner."

Short Answer

Please complete all three prompts in full.
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If you would like to upload a video nomination elaborating on your short answer responses, please do so here. Videos should be two minutes or less and should supplement written responses. This section is OPTIONAL, and you will NOT be penalized for not uploading a video.

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